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Our Founding

     The Krewe of Aphrodite is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote fun and fellowship for its members through parading annually during Mardi Gras and by presenting an annual Mardi Gras Ball. 

     KOA was organized in 1979 as a Mardi Gras society for local women and follows a Greek theme. There were 39 charter members. The colors of white, purple, and gold represent our organization.  All gowns are white, and the flowing shoulder drapes represent gold for our royalty each year, purple for the board members, and white for the charter members.  Each year new members have a designated color for their drapes, making the balls and parades a symphony of color.  

Our History

     Aphrodite first paraded in 1980 with a rented float. Afterward, members spent many weekends searching all over for flatbed trailers that were suitable to construct permanent floats.  To raise funds for the floats, members of the organization worked for seven years in the concession stand at the Pensacola Civic Center and ran concessions at the annual Seafood Festival in Pensacola.
      In 1998, the Krewe of Aphrodite purchased and built the Aphrodite Barn, a large facility that provides a permanent storage area for the floats, as well as a place for activities and festivities for members.  Currently, the Krewe of Aphrodite members proudly ride on five beautifully decorated and lighted floats during the Mardi Gras, Fiesta of Five Flags, and Christmas parades.  The following are our floats: The Temple, The Shell, The Lyre, Pegasus, and The Court Float.

     The Board of the Krewe of Aphrodite presents a formal ball for the membership during the Mardi Gras season each year.  The Royal Court introduced at the Masked Ball are members and spouses who represent the following Grecian characters:


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